Funny Viral Trends on the Internet, 2017

You can’t afford to have a gloomy day if you have access to the internet. The web has turned into an entertainment hub. Just like any other community, the online community appreciates humor. Thanks to social media sites like Facebook, Reddit and Snapchat, it’s easy to spread hilarious content to a large audience. Currently, there are funny trends that have taken over the internet. These trends include YouTube pranks, challenges, GIFS and memes.

The BowWow Challenge

This is one of the most hilarious trends this year. It was a sarcastic response to a photo posted by American celebrity Bow Wow. The artist posted a picture of a private jet on SnapChat. The caption read, “Travel Day.” Judging from the post, he wanted his fans to believe that he was traveling by private jet. However, he was spotted on a commercial plane and a fan leaked a picture of him on the internet. Internet users began posting deceptive images with the hashtag “BowWowChallenge” on their captions.

Tiny Trump

President Donald Trump was made the subject of a series of funny memes that went viral. Well, Trump is around 6ft tall. Since he came into power, he has strongly fought against fake news. Early this year, he met with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. People started posted memes showing President Trump as a tiny person, almost the knee-height of an adult. According to these memes, Donald Trump’s actual height is fake news!

The GIF Frenzy

GIF (graphical interface format images) have won the hearts of internet users this year. These kinds of images are similar to videos, except they’re very brief. The image contains a visual recording that is played over and over at certain intervals. It’s has become a viral trend as most people are converting funny one-liner jokes from TV shows into GIFs, and sharing them on various social media sites.

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