George Soros Open Society Philosophy Could Save the Ukraine

United States and Europe sanctioned Russia for interfering with Ukraine. These penalties appear to be working fast and has caused Russian economy an immense damage in a way that no one expected. The sanctions deny Russian companies and banks access to the international capital market. The main reason that these sanctions have been effective in such a short time is because of the decline of oil prices which Russia depends on to support its economy.

Imposing sanction on Russia is a good thing and most efficient way and it is safe than going war. Sanctions to Russia without a doubt will restrain their aggression towards Ukraine. Indeed, sanction are a necessary evil, and this is not to say that the countries that impose them do not suffer. If the Russian economy suffers, it threatens to bring deflation to the Eurozone according to George Soros.

However, the actions are significant and even though there are risks they do help Ukraine. By Europe defending Ukraine they also are defending themselves as there is no knowing where the aggression will be directed next.

Ukraine economy needs financial support to stabilize it as it will help encourage exports and investing in the country. This will also save the Europe economy from directly giving Ukraine stimulus to sustain it. Helping Ukraine will be significant in its progress, and thus, the Russian president will have to give up on his failed attempts to destabilize the country.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

The leadership of Europe and the public must change and adopt this view as it is the safest way to save Ukraine and Europe. Russia only just banned Open Society Foundation from operation in the country. Open Society Foundation was founded by billionaire George Soros in 1979. The reasons to ban the organization according to Russia was that their activities threatened the constitutional system of Russia and threatened their security.

Open Society Foundation cause is to promote democracy has often been faced with challenges that are aimed at interfering with the operation. Open Society Foundation was founded on the understanding that the world is innately faulty. The organization has been significant in bring sanity to places where authoritarian governments have been oppressive.

Open Society Foundation supports many programs around the world, including Early childhood programs that promote a healthy development of children. To achieve this the organization, work with parents, professions, community, and the government.

The Foundation also supports education programs. These programs are intended to provide right and meaningful education. The organization eradicates education that discriminate and excludes others. They put structures in place that ensure all get equal and quality education including those from poor backgrounds.

Putin’s ambition to reclaim land and build an empire has also positively helped Ukraine as it will strive to be different and opposite from Russia. Therefore, the country will be democratic with a less flawed government. The new Ukraine will be led by the civil society and young people who are more open minded and well exposed to better ideas that are not restricted to Ukraine alone.

This new power will be significant as it will help Ukraine stand strong against Vladimir Putin’s aggression.

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