Getting the Most Out of Marketing With White Shark Media

In today’s marketplace, a company has a huge amount of different options they can go with on a wide variety of platforms. It can be daunting to manage their advertising campaigns on alone, especially if they don’t have a person in-house who can only concentrate on marketing. This can be far from cost-effective with small to midsized enterprises! This is where a dedicated media company can come in handy, such as White Shark Media. Started in 2011 by Danish entrepreneurs, the company has expanded well beyond expectations by maintaining both a North American as well as an offshore presence with a fully bilingual staff. This allows them to reach every corner of the market in exciting and comfortable techniques for the targeted demographic.

There is some advice for those enterprises looking into PPC advertising, a quickly growing market that is tailored to online retail shopping and its consumers. First, consider where the best places to invest in advertising may be. Amazon Advertising and Google Merchant Centre are amazing options, with Amazon Advertising accounting for 43% of all US online revenue while Amazons main sales site was 53% of all online sales growth. Next, would be to ensure that all of the ad feeds are being kept up to date. If using Google Merchant Centre, it can mesh with Google Adwords, which will automatically retrieve all of a retailer’s product information directly from shopping feed, making advertising easy.

The campaign will want to put a focus on creating quality content. With so much advertising out there, an ad needs to truly shine to be remembered. Going hand in hand with this is to ensure your ads are optimized. Diversify the types of ads being put out as well as research where the ads should be located for maximum impact and sales.

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