Giant Teddy Bear Becomes Internet Sensation

The creator of a giant teddy bear is not someone that you would expect to be a deadly serious person, but that is who Nikola Matic is. He is the creator of the company JoyFay which makes the ridiculously large teddy bear.

On Amazon, the teddy bear has gotten a 4.6 out of 5 star review average. As explains though, it was the negative reviews that helped propel the bear to all of its fame and stardom on the Internet. A couple of people online gave negative reviews of the bear pointing out that its legs were disproportional compared to the rest of its body. Those reviews got picked up on the Internet for whatever reason, and now they are all that anyone can seem to talk about when it comes to this bear.

It seems that people cannot stop cracking up at just how funny this particular bear looks. Even while they are laughing though, they are continuing to buy the bear. They have loaded up the company with more and more orders for this particularly cuddly stuffed animal.

JoyFay was created when the founder saw that people tended to search for life-sized stuffed animals right around the Valentine’s Day holiday. He wanted to build a company that could meet that market demand right where it was. Therefore, his company began to produce this bear. What he did not expect was to have such high demand the whole year long because of some humourous negative Amazon reviews.

It is a $110 teddy bear, but that has not meant it hasn’t sold. As a matter of fact, the company has sold around 30,000 of them already. That far outpaced the expectations that even the founder of the company had for himself when he went out to create this one. The popularity of the bear was not exactly an accident, but it was certainly boosted by some negative reviews left on Amazon about the length of the bear’s legs.

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