Glitter Coffee Drinks Are Blowing Up Instagram

People are always experimenting with new ways to drink their coffee. The latest trend that is blowing up the internet is drinking glitter coffee, glitter lattes, and glitter cappuccinos. People are posting pictures all over Instagram of their coffee drinks with various glitter designs.


Coffee by Di Bella, a coffee shop in Australia, was the first to create this kind of coffee. They called it the Diamond and Gold Cappuccino. It is basically a regular cappuccino, but with a touch of and a sprinkle of gold and diamond glitter on the top.


The main reason why people are even buying this coffee is in order to post pictures of it on their Instagram accounts. The owner of Coffee by Di Bella admitted that social media is one of the main reasons that the glitter coffee drink even exists. He said that he wanted to create a drink that is social media friendly.


If you want to drink this coffee, be aware that your mouth will get full of glitter. Regular glitter is not edible, so it may not be entirely safe or healthy to actually drink and consume all that glitter. That is why it is a good idea that if you do want to create your own glitter cappuccinos, you should only use FDA approved edible glitter. These types of glitter are entirely safe to consume and will not pose any health risks.


Other companies have also been tapping into the social media coffee trend. Starbucks has been creating various kinds of coffee and lattes that are very visually appealing. People are posting pictures of those lattes on Instagram as well.


A cafe in the West Midlands, which is in the United Kingdom, is also becoming famous for their golden glitter lattes. This cafe is owned by Deb and Andrew Pease. One user said that the glitter cappuccino tastes like a regular cappuccino, but with more bling.

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