GoBuyside Reshaping Workplace Recruiting

GoBuyside has been depicted as a tech-centric leader for workplace recruiting in the financial industry. It was founded by business professional, Arjun Kapur, whose diversified experience and academic training with degrees in business from Standford and Johns Hopkins University ensure his qualifications as an industry competitor. GoBuyside is based in Greenwich, CT and provides recruitment services to private equity firms. Read more at Daily Forex Report about GoBuyside.

GoBuyside has received top ratings in several of the following categories by industry reviews: balance between work and lifestyle, mentoring new employees, business practices and conflicts resolution. Arjun Kapur notes that he takes the team approach to exploring and testing new ideas, and is closely monitoring the development of artificial intelligence and its potential use in the near and distant future.

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As job boards and applicant tracking are recent adaptations in the recruitment world, GoBuyside has taken this further with what is termed a tech-centric focus. This is said to help keep recruiting cost in line, and lessen the time between job notice and position being filled with a highly qualified person. The new method of recruiting combines real data about job positions that are matched with detailed applicant profiles. The profiles that are close in match to data are thus recommended to the personnel doing the hiring.

There is concern within the financial industry sector as well as in general that a growing shortage of qualified candidates for job positions may exceed the 10 million mark by 2030. As the marketplace is changing not only in the types of jobs available, but also in the manner which jobs are filled, this may affect training, career planning and career interests and help curb the foreseen shortage. GoBuyside and similar companies are redefining job recruiting in a new era. The talent agency may be history as the workplace itself is in a state of change. Read this article at indeed.com.

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