Golf Cart Versus Friend

Since the internet began many years ago, and people started posting their videos and photos, internet trends would explode over night. One of the most famous internet trends that everyone has either done themselves, or at least heard about, is planking. This is essentially just laying face down on different surfaces acting like a plank. There was also the “what are those” trend which was people going around to strangers, pointing the camera at their shoes, and yelling “what are those!” The point is that an internet trend can literally be nothing one day, then the next day everyone is posting videos or pictures of them doing the same thing.

While the “what are those” trend is seemingly harmless, others are not. When planking was a trend, people would do it in dangerous places like the middle of the road, or on top of an open door. The internet’s most recent trend is no exception, and can be very dangerous for the sake of comedy. People have been posting videos of them on the golf course with some friends. It usually entails one of the members golfing or walking on the golf course, while a friend is recording a video of themselves driving a golf cart straight into their friend. This trend began when a verified Instagram account called “bestvines” posted a meme of a little girl driving an electric toy car over another young boy. This video was titled “Would you run over your friend for 2 million dollars?”

The internet is divided on whether they think this trend is funny or not. Some people are worried that it is too dangerous of a trend, and that it might go too far. Others are just excited to watch a new trend spread like wildfire on the internet, and enjoy the videos.

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