Graeme Holm Trains the Australian Borrowers in Financial Management.

The establishment of Infinity Group Australia by the financial guru, Graeme Holm, was the beginning of financial freedom for the Australian families. This was back in 2013 when Graeme and his wife Rebecca decide that they could not watch any more while the Australian banks extorted the common citizens of the country with their unfriendly financial deals. Some of the raw financial deals that they got related to the credit transactions where the customers required financial assistance from the banks. The institutions could charge exorbitant rates on the clients since they knew that they were desperate at the time of borrowing and they needed the finance. After taking the loans and mortgages, the clients would also find themselves in challenges to repay the borrowed amount due to lack of financial management skills. As a result, they could find themselves in troubles of their properties being auctioned by the financial institutions, situations that could leave most of the customers in devastated financial conditions.


To solve this quagmire, Graeme Holm collaborated with his wife and started Infinity Group Australia. This organization started small, but the founders had big ideas behind them. They intended to get all the plights of the credit customers and figure out ways to provide solutions to them. One pillar that has led to the success of Infinity Group Australia since it was established by Graeme Holm has been the great customer service that they offer to their customers. The company employed professional customer service experts whose main work is to handle the customers like kings. They are trained to understand that the customers are the main reason that the organization exists and they ought to be treated with great respect and dignity.


Graeme Holm also introduced customer training to Infinity Group Australia. This was to ensure that the customers get sufficient information regarding the financial contracts that they enter with the company. As a result, the customers have become more enlightened and hence more likely to manage their finances prudently. Some of the training that the customers undergo include the budgeting of their income. This ensures that they can strike a balance between the small amount that they earn and the expenditure. It enables them to control their expenses, and hence they can manage their financial obligations more prudently.


Another aspect that is incorporated into the training is that of loan amortization. The customers of Infinity Group Australia are advised on the best methods to offset their outstanding loan balances so that they don’t get into trouble with the financial lenders. This way, the customers can live happily with their families knowing that their finances are in good conditions. A report released from a recent survey shows that the customers of Infinity Group are much grateful and contented with the customer service of the company compared to any other organization in the financial industry. The report also indicates that the customers repay their mortgages and other loans more punctually than the customers from the traditional financial firms. This way, they are comfortable in their workplaces and also at home knowing that all their financial obligations are met. Learn more :

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