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Daniel Mark Harrison is a famous author, family business manager, author, and a great media expert. He is a great scholar and a graduate of Theology from the University of Oxford and has a master in Business Administration at Norwegian Business School and later went to study masters of journalism from the University of New York. Having acquired two masters degrees in those prestigious universities was a great impact and therefore this was the beginning of his journey as a scholar.

Daniel Mark Harrison is the current director of a family company called Daniel Mark Harrison Co. (DMH&CO) and has been on the frontline working towards ensuring that the company attains its objectives. Daniel runs the daily operations of the family office and it the CEO and the Chairman. He acts as the owner of the company DMH&CO. The family office has dynamic operations in Singapore, Hongkong, and Bangkok. The main mission of the office is to ensure that he is able to expand his personal and those of the family members assets.

Daniel Mark Harrison is also the manager of Money Capital. The money capital has moved the market to greater heights. The management of Monkey Capital has also been a very focused part and have worked towards ensuring that their operations are of high standards. He has also shared the same platform with World’s richest investors like George Soros and other people like Jim Rodgers. He has been rated as one of the best debaters in the world. The company Monkey Capital that he heads has been referred by Huffington Post as a billion baboon. It has amassed billions of dollars across the globe. He is also known for his innovativeness and his push for success. He has done tremendously well.

Daniel Mark Harrison will also go down in the book of history as the best author. His first book Butterflies, that talks about the strange metamorphosis of facts and fiction. It has been rated by several media stations and great authors as the book that touches on fiction and other ideas that can be bought from it.


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