Haircuts For Homeless People Goes Viral On The net

When you spot homeless people on the streets what comes to mind? Do you take the time out to connect with them and maybe offer them some spare change or words of encouragement? Or, do you just ignore them and pretend that they do not exist.

A British hairdresser named Josh Coombes is trying to change the way people look at homeless people. At the same time, he is literally transforming the appearance of those who are homeless on the streets. Josh is offering these unfortunate people free haircuts, shaves, and styling right on the streets.

The effect is contagious and inspiring. One man was so inspired by the free haircuts that Josh Coombes has been giving out to the homeless that he now plays music for them. While he is playing music on his guitar, Chris Leamy helps the homeless people collect money by panning on their behalf. Not only does the music cheer them up but it also helps them raise some much-needed money.

The efforts of selfless people such as Josh Coombes and Chris Leamy has gone viral on the web. More than four million people have witnessed Josh cut the homeless’ hair and give them a total makeup. One homeless person remarked that if someone gives him money, it will not do anything to change his appearance. Getting a haircut and shave makes him look different and more like a regular person.

Josh Coombes says that he started giving out free haircuts and styling to the homeless to address the homeless issue in his community. Too many people ignore them and try to pretend that they do not exist. You don’t have to do what Josh is doing. He says he is trying to inspire people to connect with each other in their communities. It is about making people smile and fostering a sense of community. This is something that is lacking in our times and what we all truly need.

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