Nexbank formerly known as Heritage Bank was established eighty-three years ago and it is rated among the top twenty banks in Texas. The bank has shown an upward trend since its conception. It has embraced technology in its operations, and it is among the banks that provide mobile money and internet banking platforms. Also, it provides services ranging from accepting deposits, lending, mortgage, agency services among others.

The bank is home to Texas most reputed financial managers’, including John Holt and Dierk Hohman. Holt leads a team of dedicated staff who have enabled the institution to grow for they believe in the work they do and are loyal to the bank. John Holt, the Chief Executive Officer at Nexbank, graced the Texas Bankers Association at Orleans where he got the honor to address the bankers. The forum is held annually, and it provides a platform where banks address the opportunities existing in the world of business and the bottlenecks they face in the industry.

The topic that Holt spoke about was in line with the founding principle of the association which is community banking. Holt emphasized that community banking that had existed ought to be handled by the financial players innovatively to increase its efficacy. He analyzed the lucrative opportunities that existed in the sector and further asked the bankers to compete through innovative ways.

Holt also talked about the growth strategy of financial institutions and emphasized on branching both in physical terms and through the internet and other platforms that are readily available to the customers. In recognition of his exemplary performance and vast experience, he was re-elected to the association’s board of management where he will serve as the chairman of the council of community bankers and as a member of three other committees.

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