Houston helps a friend in viral video

If you need an example of a city working together through happiness and tragedy, then look no further than the latest viral video from Houston.
The hometown Astros recently won the World Series in a thrilling seven-game contest against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Houston, which had never won a championship in baseball, was rocked by major flooding from Hurricane Harvey just two months earlier, causing millions in damage and the loss of more than just homes and possessions. The team rallied the city, and to some extent the country, in winning it all this season for the first time in franchise history.
The city celebrated accordingly with a large parade through downtown Houston. The viral video sensation, as noted by Buzzfeed news [https://www.buzzfeed.com/gavon/this-video-of-people-uniting-to-toss-a-hat-up-a-building-is?utm_term=.erA91D42a#.jgYwlNkxn] captured a moment of triumph and never giving up.
Fans gathered along the streets and stretched from nearby buildings to catch a glimpse of their favorite players and the coveted championship trophy. Throngs of people extended from a parking garage from which the video originated. The sea of orange and black apparel and flags was briefly interrupted by a falling hat seemingly from the sky.
Someone had dropped their hat from several stories above amid the parade’s excitement. However, Houston again proved it was there to help a friend.
The video captured the journey of the hat back to its rightful owner. Fans tossed the hat upward to cheers as it gained altitude. It even fell a few times, but was snatched again like a prized home run ball to even louder cheers.
The original owner raised her arms in celebration when the hat made its way home. The parade continued as many might not have known of the heroic effort at the time. Twitter and the world helped everyone know of the deed later Friday, November 3.

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