How DACA has helped dreamers settle in.

The DACA program has been of huge help to Dreamers. They have been able to use this reprieve to enjoy all that America has to offer and in return have contributed immensely to the welfare of the country. Dreamers are part of the most educated demographic they work in fortune five hundred companies, and some even serve in the military. They are credited with contributing at least a billion dollars in taxes. This is what the country risks losing if the program is completely done away with. This, however, is nothing compared to the damage it would do to the eight hundred current recipients and many more who should have been eligible soon.

The program caters to young people who came to the country as children and found themselves being termed as illegal immigrants yet it was no fault of their own. These children went on to acquire an education in the country, made friends and even started to plan their entire lives around the American dream. The level of disarray that would be brought about by ending the program is unimaginable as most dreamers have entirely no relationship with the countries they were born in. Congress has over the years refused to cater to their plight even at the behest of President Obama. The president observed that the uncertainty they faced would only serve to stagnate their lives as most could not get gainful employment without proper documentation.

In some states, it was even harder to get a driving license or state-funded college fee. This meant that they were at a disadvantage at all junctures. The president at the time was able to navigate the hostilities and come up with an executive decree that allowed DACA recipients to get proper documentation that would serve for a period of two years before renewal. The documents, though, are not to be confused with citizenship and therein lies the problem. Every two year’s recipients have to apply for renewal and hope that nothing has changed as a refusal of renewal can change a lot of things. Companies can no longer employ a dreamer without documents while it becomes even more difficult for the military when they imagine having one of their own declared an illegal migrant while he fights for the country he calls home.

President Trump, who had been one of the most vocal opposers of DACA stuck to his word when he refused to renew it. The program was thus left in limbo, unable to admit more recipients while only renewing documents for those in the system for a limited period. Already the GOP had treated to go to court to have DACA abolished, and the Texas Attorney general had already taken the initiative before president Trump refused to sign. Groups that understand the plight of dreamers have stepped up their campaign for a permanent solution and hope that in coming days something concrete will be done. The Frontera fund is one of these advocates. Having worked with the Hispanic community over the years, they understand how big an impact DACA has on them.


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