“How Graeme Holm Is Helping Debt-Ridden Families In Australia Through Infinity Group Australia “

Infinity Group Australia focuses on reducing the debt of Australian families through innovative debt-reduction technique. Founder Graeme Holm has been actively involved in the finance sector for 17 years. He specializes in the fields of real estate and financial advisory. At an early age, he understood the flawed system in the majority of the financial institutions which increased financial pressure on debt-ridden families in Australia. With his expertise and a team of talented entrepreneurs, they have exceeded the expectations of customers.


Another pillar of the firm Rebecca Walker has been a crucial member of the leadership since the inception of the Infinity Group Australia in 2012. With accreditations in financial planning and mortgage broking, she brings valuable experience to the company.


Recently in an interview, Graeme discussed his vision for the company and the story behind his success at Infinity Group Australia. He believes that ideas come closer to reality when it is shared with like-minded people. Employees in the company are encouraged to seek feedback and put up their suggestions on a regular basis for innovation and swift solution to existing challenges.


When asked about his current interests in the sector, he was prompt to mention FinTech which he believes is changing the landscape of the financial market across the world. He is patiently waiting for the integration of CX customer experience with  the benefit of the clients. Graeme believes that an entrepreneur goes through thousands of hurdles before becoming successful in life. He insists the young generation of entrepreneurs to follow their passion in spite of the inevitable hurdles that lurk on.


He feels the best business idea he could share with people is related to the current market scenario of the coaching and the consulting sector which are deemed to be the fastest growing sectors in the global marketplace. He stated that offering a free consultation to a business for reducing cost overheads and increasing profit margins will generate paid consulting opportunities in the company.Learn more: 




Currently, he utilizes Fintech for keeping a track of the financial performance of clients. He would even use it to monitor his own expenditures and incomes for a better understanding of his position. He vouches for the software and recommends the software to all the businessmen who keep notice of the accounts section in the company.


Lastly, he shared his views which most do not agree with. He claims that a 30-year loan can be repaid in 3-5 years with proper financial planning and perfect timing. With the allocation of a personal banker handling a case and surviving on a weekly-cash based budget, one can make larger deposits to the loan account every month thus cutting down on interest rates. Graeme knows that following the strategies religiously without crossing the budget limit for a duration of time will clear the debt in record time.


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