How Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy Helps People Make Money Buying And Selling Real Estate

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is a company that holds workshops showing people how to make money in real estate. Nick Vertucci founded this company after he had made millions buying and selling properties and decided he would show his system to others across the country. His academy teaches people in a hands-on manner that is taught by him and other industry experts.

One of the main things that they teach at these workshops is how to find a home to buy that is a great deal. Then they show a step by step plan of how to repair the property. Finally, they show people how to then sell the home for a much higher price than what they had bought the property for through effective marketing techniques. This is known as house flipping and it can be quite profitable for those who know how to do it correctly, which is what Nick Vertucci and his team teach.

Beyond house flipping, the workshops also offer other ways to make money with real estate. This includes buying homes and turning them into rental properties from which you can derive a long-term cash flow and gain from the home going up in value. Commercial properties are also covered. Additionally, they show how you can use the money you have in your 401k and/or IRA for the money you need to buy a home and also show how you can protect your assets.

The workshops that are offered by Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy are 100% free. Workshops are held throughout the year in cities across America. January 2018, for example, has workshops available in Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Diego on the west coast. They keep their website at updated with all of the upcoming workshops so people know when one is coming to a city near them.

In was around 2003 that Nick Vertucci first started investing in real estate. He attended a real estate workshop on the advice of a friend who had invited him as their guest. He learned a lot at the workshop and decided to learn more. Eventually, through study and training, he learned everything he needed to develop his system of making money through buying and selling real estate properties.

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