How Richard Liu Qiangdong Changed The Chinese Retail Industry

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese entrepreneur and executive in the retail industry. He founded which is China’s leading online retail company. He is also the chief executive officer. When he first established this company it had a single retail location in Beijing. It now sells products across virtually the entirety of China.

Richard Liu was born in Suqian, Jiangsu province. His parents were coal shippers who showed him the value of working hard and getting a good education. After completing his secondary education, Richard Liu Qiangdong attended The People’s University of China. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. While he was a college student he also taught himself how to do computer coding.

His first job was at Japan Life which is a firm that provides nutritional supplements. He was able to leverage his computer coding skills at this company and climbed the ladder all the way up to the position of director of computers. Richard Liu Qiangdong left this company in 1998 so that he could become an entrepreneur. He started a company that sold computer parts.

His company eventually had several locations. However, the Chinese SARS outbreak was devasting to his business. Richard Liu decided to shift his company into being an online retailer. Over time he added other products to his website and it now sells a huge range of products. It is considered to be the Amazon of China.

Richard Liu Qiangdong introduced luxury goods to Chinese consumers. He forms partnerships with companies around the world who sell their products through When it comes to any product everything is authenticated to make sure it is the real deal and not a forgery, including luxury goods. People trust that anything they buy through is not a fraud.

His company can even sell products to people in remote villages, something no other online retail company in China can claim. In order to do so, Richard Liu has built warehouses all over China. He has also introduced technology such as drones to make deliveries to places that aren’t easily accessible by car. His company now operates the biggest drone fleet in the world.

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