How You Can Make a Substantial Living by Becoming a Traveling Vineyard Representative

With the advent of technology, a lot of people are now working from their homes without being forced to unfavorable tight schedules or a nagging boss. Wine tasting and selling is one of these few jobs that primarily requires you to work from home at your pace. The ability to sell and taste wine from the comfort of your house has excited a lot of people who desire to employ themselves while at the same time enjoying the sweetness of the wine sold.

How Travelling Vineyard Program Works

The start-up cost for such a business venture is cheap and friendly. In most cases, what you need to buy is a Travelling Vineyard Success Kit. This kit gives you a variety of tasting glasses, wine bottles for your wine events (first two events), training materials, Personal Estate Website, and accessories.

Once you are ready and set, your next step is to sell the wine. Travelling Vineyard sets the required prices for you based on the type of wine sold, the demand, and the market sustainability. In most cases, these prices fall between the price range of $15-$25 per bottle.

Travelling Vineyard will give you a commission for each wine sold. Apart from his, you will also be eligible for sale and reference bonuses once the people you refer to Travelling Vineyard end up buying the referred wine products. As a way of encouraging you and others, Traveling Vineyard will give a 20% discount on any wine that you purchase on your behalf. The proceedings from your purchase will be reflected on your overall income.

Traveling Vineyard

Travelling Vineyard is an American-based company that specializes in the sale of wine by offering an in-house wine tasting platform for its members. For more than 16 years, this company which is based in Ipswich Massachusetts has changed the lives of many people who prefer working at home, and those who are avid lovers of wine.

Benefits of Traveling Vineyard

The schedule used by the seller is purely based on his/her own preferences. In simple terms, the company gives you the opportunity to choose between working part-time or full-time. Apart from this, the amount of income earned solely depends on your efforts. The more hours you inject into this business venture, the higher your chances of earning more.

On their part, Travelling Vineyard has not set the number of hours that their sales representatives must adhere to and follow. The schedule used is purely on the preferences of the seller. For more info about us: click here.

On their social media platform, Travelling Vineyard is always keeping its clients and workers updated about the latest brands of wine as well as their webinar events where different people can meet and exchange pleasantries.

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