Tiffany Haddish Posts Video on Dating that Goes Viral

Funny viral videos are starting to take off with celebrities. Now everyone seems to be getting in on the mix. Initially, it was Will Smith that presented some interesting stories about this life that would give people a look at Smith in a completely different way. He will talked about his struggles and added humor into the mix. This is something that he has managed to do quite well, but he is not the only celebrity that is indulging in the viral videos.


If someone like Will Smith is the king of celebrity viral videos Tiffany Haddish is easily going to become the queen and this arena. She recently created a very interesting video about dating. This is a video that gives some funny dating tips, and Tiffany Haddish is just the type of person to do this with a high level of humor. It is a great way for her to stay relevant with the fan base that she has while she is in between television shows and movies.


For Tiffany Haddish to do small clips like this where she talks about dating gives her a chance to incorporate some of her own personal stories into the mix. This is where all the real humor comes in. People love to hear Tiffany talk about her personal life and different things from her book. This is obvious that she has transformed her career largely by way of the stories that she has told from her own life.


Tiffany Haddish has a great way of luring people in, and her videos are going viral largely because they are very humorous. This is just what Tiffany haddish has become known for. She is the person that has a funny story for just about every occasion you can imagine. Viral videos can be done by anyone, but Tiffany haddish appears to have a loyal audience that is waiting for her next video that she is going to post.

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