Igor Cornelsen: An Engineer Turned Investment Manager

Igor Cornelsen is an Engineering graduate turned investment manager. This was because around the time when he graduated from Engineering, there was high density in the engineering industry and the competition was very high. Which made it difficult to sustain a sufficiently paying job – which is why it was a common practice for newly graduated engineering students would shift into the investment industry. What put them in advantage is around the time, computers and calculators were not widely used – and so the arithmetic skills of engineering students were put to good use.

Igor Cornelsen’s usual day is usually tight and jampacked – he starts his day very early in Sao Paulo, just when markets are just opening in the continent of Europe. Igor Cornelsen makes sure that he is up to date with international news and the movement of the economy. After he has gained all the information that he needs, he adjusts his investment portfolio accordingly to maximize returns and to put his money on stably progressing stocks.

Igor Cornelsen follows the movement of the economy and he improves his investments and his assets depending on the economy. Igor Cornelsen also normally sets assets in countries that he studied and will result into deteriorating in the near future. His expertise and his extensive experience in working in very big banks makes him very efficient in making these decisions.

Igor Cornelsen always wants to make sure that he bases all of his decisions based on hard facts and evidence – and not from hear-say or opinions from other marketing analysts. For Igor Cornelsen, facts are way better than opinions. Igor Cornelsen then sources all of his information from Reuters. Reuters is a company that provides market analysis that is unbiased and does not lean on political prejudice. Igor Cornelsen utilizes Reuters to save time and effort in sourcing information rather than doing the analysis himself.

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