Important Lessons from Dr. Saad Career Journey

After a long and successful career of forty-seven years, Dr. Saad Saad retired. It was a happy retirement because Dr. Saad has left behind a remarkable and lasting legacy. His career story is full of sacrifice, service, and innovation. Dr. Saad’s story is fascinating, and his motivation to be a pediatrician is hilarious. You would not expect it from such a prominent individual as Dr. Saad.

Although raised in Kuwait, Dr. Saad and his family are from Palestine. Growing up in Kuwait was difficult, but Dr. Saad did his best, mainly in receiving an education. His father motivated him to pursue higher education, which would earn him recognition. Being in a foreign country without documentation would not be easy. Higher education armed him with the knowledge that would advance his endeavors.

Kuwait was very hot during the summers, and the heat made Dr. Saad ill. This experience is what led him to choose an indoor job. He decided to be a doctor because they worked indoors where there are conditioners. He would not have to be out in the sun and risk falling ill. His made up his mind to become a pediatric surgeon where he would work in the operating room.

While circumstances may have motivated Dr. Saad’s decision, it was probably in line with his passion. He went to Cairo University and got a medical degree. Dr. Saad graduated with honors, and he was ready for his career. After an internship in England, Dr. Saad finally settled in America. He became accepted by the pediatric board after completing residency.

Dr. Saad has worked for many hospitals such as King Specialist Hospital, King Faisal Hospital, and K Hovnanian Children Hospital. Throughout his career, Dr. Saad appreciated challenging cases that honed his skills. Further, in his career, he participated in creating residency programs and creating a connection between England and Saudi Arabia. Students are allowed to have certification for the UK while in Saudi Arabia.

Achieving as much as Dr. Saad has accomplished means never procrastinating. He advises people to seize every moment and complete their tasks. Waiting is a waste of time and decreases your achievements. This influential work ethic is fundamental to everyone when they are pursuing their passion. Utilizing time increases your efficiency in what you are doing.

Besides treating patients, Dr. Saad invented medical equipment to improve health care service delivery. The first one was an endoscope with a suction device. Surgeons can view body areas with fluids with an endoscope. The other invention is an electromagnetic catheter. These two inventions reduce time wastage and increase effectiveness. The medical field is grateful for these inventions. Dr. Saad Saad has performed exceptionally and passed on the baton to others behind to continue with the noble work. Learn more:

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