Innovation of Technology and the Birth of Internet

Technological innovation has led to the creation of the internet. This is a network where people interact, share resources, and pass information. The whole world has adopted this network in the carrying out of nearly all activities. The internet is used for both official and entertainment purposes. Internet trends are being witnessed daily whereby people abruptly decide to do a particular activity through the internet. Some of these trends are very funny and entertaining. Here are three commonly viral items.

1. Sharing Funny Videos

The internet has various websites through which people can record, upload, and watch videos. Websites such as YouTube have enabled this service. Currently, people have adopted the trend of creating funny videos and sending them to other internet users. Whenever a person receives the video, he goes ahead and forwards it to another person. Within a short period, the video goes viral, and everybody gets it. However, not all videos shared are funny. Some are pranks and end with deadly results.

2. Sharing Funny Pictures and Photos

People frequently use social media websites to interact with each other. These websites are only accessed whenever a person accesses the internet. In these sites, people take, post, and share photos. Others create their photos through programs such as Photoshop. Whenever a funny picture is posted on a social site such as Facebook, people comment about the picture. The picture is forwarded to another social site whereby more people see it.

3. Sharing Jokes and Information

People to share jokes and information have used the internet as a medium of entertainment. In this case, one person can create a social site and share a joke. Other people will view the joke and pass it to others through the internet. Twitter has been the most successful in this area. A person creates a twitter handle and posts a joke or discussion. Other users of twitter view the information and tweet about it.

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