Interesting Twitter storms from Trump and other online trolls

Donald Trump has sparked national interest in Twitter. It is rare for Americans not to wake up to the news of a Trump Twitter storm every Sunday morning. Trump even attempted, unsuccessfully, to change the military’s policy on transgender recruits over the online platform. While the person occupying the Oval Office has generated a lot of controversy through his tweets, including the controversial meaning of covfefe, their were a number of other Twitter storms that made United States residents laugh or scratch their heads.

Perhaps the most disturbing Twitter trend of 2017 was the avalanche of sexual assault allegations against prominent celebrities and political figures. The onslaught started with accusations against Hollywood director Harvey Weintstein. As the trend continued, other directors were outed, and the director of the next Wonder Woman movie had to step down. Israeli actress Gal Gadot refused to do the picture as long as someone facing sexual assault allegations directed the picture. The gush of sexual assault allegations has subsided, but it may flare back up at any moment. Some people even suggested Hugh Hefner’s death enabled many people to come clean about their sexual assault stories.

There was also the debacle of Szechaun sauce, and many other seemingly trivial events in comparison. If there is one thing that 2017 is most likely to be remembered for, it will be as the year Kellyanne Conway introduced the phrase alternative facts to the English lexicon. In fact, it remains in our memory even now, over eleven months after she said it. The Trump administration responded by putting her in front of a camera less often, but the phrase remains in the public consciousness. It is not likely to leave any time soon.

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