Investing in Dubai Real Estate

Investing in real estate is an excellent way for people to improve their financial position. Many people struggle with high expenses and low income. Instead of working multiple jobs, investing in a real estate provides an opportunity to earn additional income.

Finding a location to invest in is a critical choice for investors. Dubai is one of the largest and most affluent cities in the world. Numerous people have started purchasing properties in the city.

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and CEO of DAMAC Properties. From the time he was young, Hussain has always wanted to operate a company in the real estate industry.

Building Cash

One of the most challenging parts of getting started with investing is building a cash reserve. Few people realize how many things can go wrong with real estate investing. With a substantial down payment, the monthly fee is reduced. There will be times when a rental property has various issues that need to get fixed. Without a cash reserve, many investors go deeply into debt to repair a single problem.

Finding Properties

Another important aspect of real estate investing is finding properties. Some people rush into real estate investing and purchase the first property available. Quickly buying a home is the wrong approach to take with investing.

Instead, investors should take several months to purchase a property. The home should be in a desirable area. Appreciation is one of the best ways that real estate investors build wealth over time.


Hussain struggled to get financing when he started in the real estate industry. Due to his investment experience, he founded a local bank to help real estate investors. Although he lends money on a small scale, he is confident the venture can grow in the coming years.


Working with a trusted bank is one of the best ways for real estate investors to get the financing needed to invest. With the active real estate market, it is an excellent time to purchase a home in Dubai.

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