Isabel dos Santos Wants A Change

Isabel dos Santos is Africa’s richest woman and the daughter of the former president of Angola. She is an activist for the increase in technological input in Africa, in order to improve sectors of the economy such as agriculture and banking.

Personally, Isabel  feels technology was responsible for GDP growth, reconstruction and overall development of Angola. Dos Santos is an advocate for the modernization of Africa’s infrastructure, she was invited to the Africa summit in 2019 in Brussels. This was to strengthen the relationships and collaboration between the African Nations and the European Union.

The current Chairwoman of Intel, said Africa is getting to a point where most transactions will be done through E-commerce at the expense of traditional trading. Along with that, there will be an increase in the number of bank accounts across African nations with the help of digital banking. Africa’s population is on the rise and she mentions ways to combat such problems. Amongst this is building small city with the help of urban planning or improve upon the already established transportation systems to reduce risk of congestion and pollution (Africanews).

Isabel dos Santos mentions the role technology could play in this sort of development and why Africa as a continent, needs to embrace such values. If Africa wants to progress they need to maintain a steady solid frame work that can be appealing to foreign investors and homegrown talent, she said. This will in turn increase the amount of Jobs in circulation, while keeping graduates satisfied. To get quality graduates the educational structure has be good and Isabel emphasizes that fact. Her company is in partnership with Google to install fiber optic cables from Africa to Brazil. That is the sort of partnership and connection Africa needs with the world. The ability to trade freely whist encouraging the growth of small businesses. Fostering developments like this will satisfy consumers and traders collectively.

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