JD.Com Honored For Commitment to The Environment And Society

The acronym SEAL stands for Sustainability, Environmental Achievement, and Leadership. The SEAL Business Sustainability Award is given to companies in recognition of outstanding corporate citizenship.

Being a good corporate citizen means that a company has a Corporate Responsibility Program (CRP) in place. A CRP’s function is to ensure a company minimizes its impact on the environment and maintains a commitment to social innovation.

This year China’s answer to Amazon Jingdong (JD.Com) will be among the recipients of a SEAL Business Sustainability Award. From the way they develop new products to their packaging and delivery practices for five years, Jingdong has been working to reduce their carbon footprint and benefit society in general.

Even the company’s sales methods are factored into this effort. Overseeing these efforts to be a good corporate citizen is JD.Com’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team.

Speaking on behalf of JD.Com the head of their CSR team Libo Ma stated that the company was honored to be among this year’s SEAL Award winners. Libo added that the true measure of a company’s success is the impact it has on society. He pledged that Jingdong’s devotion to protecting the environment and promoting the common good would be a long-term commitment. Socially JD.Com supports poverty relief and educational initiatives.

In explaining why Jingdong was among the 2018 SEAL Award honorees the award’s founder Matt Harney pointed to the impact score JD.Com had received under the SEAL scoring system. Harney stated that Jingdong had outscored all of this year’s recipients.

Citing numbers Harney reported that in the last year JD.Com had recycled a million garments and almost half-a-million toys. What is more, Jingdong’s efforts on behalf of the environment positively impacted 47 Chinese cities. Harney concluded by describing the results of the Jingdong Corporate Responsibility Program as “extraordinary”.

The logistical program and distribution network that JD.Com has established gives the e-commerce giant the ability to do business with 99% of China. The company’s monetary commitment to disaster relief, education, environmental causes, and relieving poverty has totaled 700 million RMB to date. At the current rate of exchange that equals 100,894,915 USD.

Details JD.Com via twitter

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