JD.Com’s JD AI Accelerator Program Empowers Tech Startups in China

JD.com or JingDong, one of the largest e-commerce companies in China is now allowing AI startups to apply AI technology in the real world. The JD AI Accelerator was launched in August 2018 and now serves as an invaluable AI startups incubator at the stage where companies are still finding opportunities to prove their worth and be known.

In March 2019, JD.com launched its first-ever demo day that offers the accelerator’s introductory group of startups to show their projects. The first set of startups presented various tech businesses in different industries. This includes education, legal, healthcare, retail, and many more.

Some of the startups were integrated into JD.com’s everyday use. For example, the startup called FagouGou, worked closely with the legal team of JD.com to create advanced chatbot for businesses that require legal services and advice. FaGouGou is an Artificial Intelligence powered legal consultancy service.

The startup utilized JD.com’s AI algorithms, speech recognition technology, and legal databases. This question and answer platform have benefited various businessmen, partners, and entrepreneur. It offers them fast answers to their questions about corporate management, certifications, financing, labor issues, and a whole lot more.

This latest legal service offered by FagouGou in partnership with JD.com now plays a major role in addressing the needs of legal services in China because of the recent shortage of skilled and experienced lawyers in the Southeast Asian nation.

Through JD.com’s AI Accelerator program next generation of AI startups now has the opportunity to avail the company’s massive resources. This will also enable them to get a good start and have a higher chance to be successful in their venture.

JD.com’s AI Accelerator program includes mentoring and training in research and development, product, management, and all other significant areas. It also offers technical support to startups like algorithms, APIs, and databases to improve their technologies.

Aside from those, startups are given access to JingDong’s opulent application scenarios in various aspects of their business. This includes human resources, retail, legal, logistics, and many others. The JD AI Accelerator program has 16 startups and is currently seeing over 80 percent successes from its participants.

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