Jeremy Goldstein Shares his Thoughts on Stock Options for Employers

Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates is a business-law law firm based out of New York. Jeremy Goldstein, at its helm, leads the firm in assisting CEOs and management teams on sensitive issues. Before leading his own company, Goldstein was a partner at another large law firm in New York. Goldstein also serves as a chair in a Mergers & Acquisition department with the American Bar Association. His expertise in mergers & acquisitions has lead to Goldstein being involved in many of the biggest mergers in recent history. Goldstein was involved in the Chevron Texaco and Unocal deal. He was involved in a deal with Verizon as well. In addition to his main career, Goldstein also likes to share his expertise with the public through his writings. Recently Goldstein shared his views on stock options with his readers; he explained both the pros and the cons to offering stock options to employees. On one side, if you provide stocks to your employees and your company goes through a negative growth spell, it could create loss of moral in the workplace. On the other hand, if your employees are directly involved in the company in such a way it could motivate them to work hard. This could improve productivity on a company wide scale. There is one other issue that employers should be worried about. Do their employees have the knowledge to manage their own stocks? If the employee is required to hire someone to manage their stock portfolio for them, it could result in service charges higher than the annual growth of their stocks. Stock options are one of the more preferred options when a company wants to provide bonuses to its employees. By providing employees with cheaper stock options instead of cash bonuses, a company can save both parties the stress of an increased tax burden. Learn more:

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