Lime Crime Releases 10 New Liquid Eye Shadows

A brand new line of eye shadow was recently launched by the ever trending brand, Lime Crime. Lime Crime revealed on their social media the assortment of new liquid eye shadows called “Diamond Dew” to their followers on November 7th. There are ten shades to choose from and each is drenched in lovely glitter and shimmery galactic gloss. The new Diamond Dew line was indeed inspired by Lime Crime’s very own Diamond Crushers Lip Topper. When applied to your eyelids, you will be amazed at the quality and staying power of these glorious shimmery shades. The liquid sets fast once applied and you can even use it on your cheeks to create a dramatic or whimsical look. The density of the glitter creates an other-worldly look in hues of blue, rich reds, velvety brown, golds and blushing pinks.

The Diamond Dew collection’s dropper-like container is very chic so you can easily take it with you on the go. It has a soft brush tip applicator that does its job giving you an evenly flawless look. By using just a touch of the collection’s golden Starlight and pink Pixie shade, they can be used as a highlighter in target areas around the face. Lime Crime is well known for their stance on being one hundred percent cruelty-free and vegan friendly. Their makeup line helped popularized the unconventional colors that most mainstream cosmetic companies used to shy away from in the past. The entire collection of Lime Crime’s new Diamond Dew liquid eye shadows go for roughly $170 at their online boutique.

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