Lori Senecal – A Rising Star with Fast Company

If there is one thing that Lori Senecal realizes, it is the fact that effective leadership begins and ends with solid cooperation where all talents are utilized around you. With every endeavor she has engaged in, she has sought to take a creative approach to increasing revenue for all of her clients. She has definitely developed a solid reputation in the field of advertising, and she recently was recognized as the rising star she is, being cited in the Fast Company blog.


Lori Senecal was at a respectable position in the Fast Company ranking at #87 in the list of the top 100 CEO’s in America today. She made the list primarily for emboldening clients. For Senecal, this literally comes as no surprise whatsoever. She has always taken the approach that “risk taking” is actually a good thing.


When Lori Senecal first became CEO of CP+B, she managed to increase revenue by 21 percent. She was able to do this simply by pushing risk taking behavior. She started by creating an atmosphere where innovation was rewarded and not something that was at best taken for granted and at worsts something where employees would be penalized for failure. She let everyone know that creativity was not just “a talent, but a behavior.”


There have been a number of campaigns that have helped with her approach. One of these was Kraft Mac and Cheese, which recently announced they were removing artificial ingredients. CP+B and Kraft were originally hesitant to announce the change because of the already eating behavior of their young clients. However, after 50 billion new boxes were sold they started an ad campaign to help people get used to it. Senecal not only was able to successfully promote the change, but she was able to do it in a creative fashion with allowing comedian Stephen Colbert to devote a monologue to it.


These are just but a few of the creative approaches Lori Senecal has made to increase the revenue for her clients. This is why she has made the list of Fast Company’s top executives and why she will continue to be a rising star in the near future.  Follow Lori on Twitter.


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