Malka Red Video Goes Viral

A video by the music artist called Malka Red has gone viral. Malka Red is a new breakthrough artist that can be described as counterculture and similar to Lady Gaga. She sure is not afraid to go against the norm and create a new work of music and an original and funny video to go along with her new hit song called Boy Booty.

So what is Boy Booty about? Why has the video gone viral and been viewed by millions of people around the world? The song can be described in mild terms as women fantasizing about and describing male booty or buttocks.

Malka Red’s highly successful and now viral video to follow her song is a spin on the traditional emphasis on female booty, particularly in music videos. Most music videos show women twerking and shaking their booties. Boy Booty shows men twerking and shaking their butts.

The video has gone viral because it is unique and hilarious at the same time. After all, after watching girls twerk and shake their butts for men, isn’t it funny to switch up the roles? It seems that Malka Red finally turned the tide on the female booty shaking emphasis and let men have a taste of their own medicine.

I think that the video is so popular and viral because it attracts both male and female viewers. I recall reading that women find the buttocks of a man one of the most appealing parts of their body. The title Boy Booty and all the male booty in the video will surely attract many women and fulfill some of their fantasies.

Men are probably also attracted to the song and video but for a different reason. As a guy, we are used to female booty and twerking. This video stands out, and for that reason, it piques our curiosity as well.

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