Marc Beer appointed the chairman of the board at LumeN XT

Marc Beer is now the chairman of the board of LumeN XT after he was appointed to lead this start in implementing its growth plans. Beer was chosen because of the experience he has enjoyed in the healthcare industry for the past three decades. He has experience in various fields that include pharmaceuticals, devices, biotechnology, leadership, and others. The qualities of leadership that he has developed from his other tasks put him at a great position to transform the future of this organization. He is providing LumeN XT with leadership qualities that cannot be found in any other company. Under his leadership and guidance, there is no doubt that LumeN XT will be proud of this decision. Learn more:



LumeN XT is a startup that is developing proprietary illumination technology using LED technology. This technology is meant to make it easier for surgeons to conduct minimally invasive surgeries. Marc Beer has lauded the efforts of this startup because it is bringing to the market a technology that will create efficiency, improve precision and improve visualization. These are some of the key features and benefits that are missing from traditional illumination platforms. Marc Beer expressed joy for this appointment since he will be working together with a team of dedicated engineers and surgeons whose main focus is to improve the lives of the people.


LumeN XT is bringing to the market a technology that is superior to anything that is in the market right now. It is this advanced technology that they have brought to the market that will make a difference between LumeNS and other startups. LumeN XT hired the services of Marc Beer because they felt he would be of great help in helping the startup to get off the ground with great momentum. All startups that he has worked for in the past three decades has ended up performing very well. His experience is vital to LumeN XT according to CEO Paul Rhyne. He has a history of helping startups to gain global commercial status very fast as well as helping them get into profitability.


Marc Beer is currently the CEO of Renovia Inc. a startup that is determined to address pelvic floor disorders in women. Renovia has been around for two years but has managed to perform better than many companies in the healthcare industry. For instance, in this period, it has managed to get two funding series that have boosted its growth. In 2018, it received $42.3 million to engage in research work. Some of the leading healthcare investors in the country came through to support the operations of Renovia Inc. It is clear that within a very short time, Marc Beer has managed to win the trust of leading investors by showing advanced solutions that his company is coming up with.


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