Meme Scrapbooks are a True Sign of Friendship

Friendship sometimes makes a person do crazy things. More often than not, those crazy things are done purely out of love. There’s a guy named Khaled who might be the most epic friend ever and it’s for a reason that may surprise you.

It’s because of memes! Who doesn’t love memes? They’re a great source of humor to break up our sometimes monotonous days. Memes are silly pictures with word captions that can be found all over the internet. There’s typically a different meme trending every month if not every week. If you’re not at a computer at all times, it’s difficult to keep up with the meme trends! According to Buzzfeed, that’s exactly what Khaled was worried about with his friend Jasmin who was heading to boot camp. He didn’t want her to miss out on all the great memes since she would be without a computer for several months.

In boot camp, they’re allowed mail. That’s when Khaled decided to make a scrapbook full of memes! People all over the internet saw what Khaled was doing and they absolutely loved the idea. Many wished that they had a friend goofy enough and thoughtful enough to send them a meme care package because let’s face it, who doesn’t love memes? This silly idea was actually quite simple. All Khaled had to do was paste them on Microsoft Word and print them out. His care package required minimal effort and almost no money yet it’s something his best friend will love.

It’s also great because now she won’t have to worry about catching up on all the memes when she gets back! As we all know, meme trends change so quickly. Blink and you might miss some of the greats. Now, Jasmine has something to look back on and remember especially when boot camp gets tough.

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