Memes: The Internet New Definition of Fun

Take a group of millennials and hand them a pen and paper. Ask them to write down one of the most magical things about the internet. Be assured; the highest number will have the word MEMES somewhere on the list. While the internet gives us almost all the information we need, it has become one of the pillars that mold our generation. Today, most of the millennials spend time crying about the poor state of the American politics, their college debt, and the state of the economy. Luckily, the internet provides them with relatable viral images that brighten their moods and gets rid of the frown on their faces.

For decades to come, our future generations will thank us for all the dank memes. That being said, coming up with top viral images becomes challenging with every coming year. In 2016, we were drawn to ‘Damn Daniel’, and the political activist and internet sensational, Ken Bone. Additionally, we got treated to an image of Arthur’s clenched fist which went further in summing our emotions when we get ticked off. With all honesty, we deserved that.

With 2017 in the picture, we were faced with uncertainty over how we would surpass the limits set by 2016 MEMES. Think about it; it must have been an impossible feat. What would possibly exceed the ‘Damn Daniel?’ What would rival Ken Bone, Arthurs clenched fist, Harambe, DJ Khaled and the Evil Kermit? As we approach the end of 2017, it most certainly looks like we accepted the challenge. Once again, the internet has delivered memes to be cherished and enjoyed long into the future. One of those memes that have the internet community breaking their ribs in laughter involved a disloyal man. The guy was taking a walk with his girlfriend, and he stops to look and stare at a beautiful passing lady. The picture is pretty simple. The guy is holding his GF whose face looks hilarious. Well, the memes that followed are what made the internet even crazier.

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