Metallic Balls is Latest Trend

Viral Internet trends are typically very fun trends that capture the attention of people all over the year. For those that are in the United States, most of the most popular trends tend to be started in this country. However, one of the most popular Internet trends today actually started in Japan.

As early as March of 2018, people in Japan started posting videos of themselves turning rolls of aluminum foil into very shiny and metallic looking balls. These balls are amazing to look at online as they look as if they are made of solid metal and would be very heavy. In reality, they are made of nothing more than foil and weigh no more than one pound.

The DIY project started in Japan among some school kids that discovered the unique craft and started to allow it to take off all over the world. They soon were posting it all over social media, YouTube, and other media channels, which has allowed it to go viral. Today, the activity is being copied by millions of people all over the world as they are looking to create their own version of the metallic balls (

While it is a popular trend to watch, it is also a very exciting tend that can be considered a great competition. In fact, there is a new YouTube Challenge channel that is dedicated to this. For those that are looking to participate, there is a lot that someone can learn very quickly. There are literally thousands of videos online today of people trying this for the very first time.

All that someone needs is a roll of tin foil, some patience, and a source of heat. Once all of this is accessible, the roll of tin foil can be turned into a very polished-looking ball in a matter of minutes and can be something that they will hold on to and enjoy for years to come in the future.

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