Michel Terpins Proves that Racing is Still Popular

Many kids wanted to become race car drivers. It is a career that is full of adrenaline and seems fantastic from an average racing sports lover. However, there is more to being a rally driver than meets the eye. Michel Terpins is acutely aware of this since he is one of the most well-known rally drivers in Brazil. At the moment he is a part of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, and this forty-year-old is not complaining about his life or old age.

He was among those rally drivers who took part in the Sertoes Rally celebrating the 25th time the rally was on. His navigator for the race was Maykel Justo, and they were able to finish among the top five racers. They won two stages out of possible three and were only slower because of technical issues. It was a three hundred and six hundred kilometre distance between Santa Terezinha de Goias to Aruana that had an impact on his final time, but Michel Terpins is not complaining about it.

He is one of the top rally drivers and is a familiar face for everybody who is a Sertoes Rally fan and has been in the business from the early two thousand. Michel raced motorcycles and then joined his brother who is also a racer.

Michel Terpins knows how crucial it is to work hard and how much attention he has to pay during every race and he wants to inspire other people to start racing as well. It is not a dull career, and he loves it. He also enjoys his connection to the fans of the sport. His name is well known in Brazil, and that is fine. It’s resilience and dedication that helped him succeed climbing the ladder of popularity and progress through various races over the years, and he doesn’t want to stop.

There are people who would say that he has had an easy life but anybody who knows anything about driving a race car off road will be able to attest that it takes a lot of mental and physical readiness to be able to race. The reaction time must be very fast and the team-mates must trust one another to work as a well-oiled machine.


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