More Than Apple Pie

Nothing is more American than apple pie. Or is it? In the case of baked goods, Americana is more than the sum of its parts. The United States of Baked Goods. From Sea to shining Sea, desserts of all types can be found. In an article published by Food Network, one sweet treat from each state is highlighted and described. Some foods can only be found in America like the Oregon Marionberry pie, but of the 50 baked things listed, only half really seemed American.

America is the melting pot of the world where all cultures theoretically come together to create a new homogenized culture: Americans. It give the idea that no one thing can stand out. The desserts of America prove individuality of each state matters. These desserts echo the mother lands from which Americans sprang. The Whoopie Pies of Maine and New Hampshire appear very similar to French macaroons. The Michigan Paczki is a replica of Polish snack. Nebraska being known for waffles is mind boggling. Waffles scream Belgium.

There is something more to food than simply eating. It is an integral devise used to identify cultures and relate to one another. Food is definitely the first step to engaging in and understanding other cultures and people. A sweet bite can alter time and space. A warm waffle can transport a person to the brick streets of Brussels. A bite of sour cream pie can take a person back decades to an America only grandparents remember. The baked goods of America are not simply baked goods. They are reflection of American history, which is World History; no apple pie included.

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