Move Aside Babies: Dog’s Have Taken Over Social Media For The Day

In case you haven’t been on social media lately, it’s National Puppy Day. The holiday itself really doesn’t need much of an explanation. People all over the globe are posting the cutest, silliest, and downright cheesy photos and posts about their dogs. People love their pets, people love gushing, and therefore you can see why a day like today has become so possible. It gives people a reason to blow up others Facebook feeds with nothing but dog pictures.

According to Buzzfeed, the internet did not disappoint for National Puppy Day. Thousands upon thousands of social media users posted pictures of their little and not so little floofs. There were photos of little dogs taking naps, big dogs chasing squirrels, and much more. No matter what the dog’s breed, they sure were cute. Many people gushed over the tiniest puppies. One of the notable posts was of a puppy who actually fit inside of a coffee cup. The dog’s name is Hope and although she’s too big for a cup now, National Puppy Day is a great excuse to do a throwback post.

This day was exactly what the internet needed. All too often, our Facebook feeds are filled with things that divide us. That’s why it’s nice to see something almost everyone can agree on. That’s the fact that puppies are cute! No one will ever tell you to stop posting photos of your dog unless of course, that’s all you do every minute of every hour. National Dog Day is a day where everyone can stop and appreciate creatures who are just so happy and playful all the time. Don’t worry cat, rabbit, and other animal lovers. It seems like there’s a day for everything and your pet’s holidays are surely coming soon.

These social media holidays are meant to be nothing more than fun. It’s great to have something that’s light and fun. If you want to carry the celebration over into the real world, feel free to spoil your dog with a bone, a toy, or perhaps a Puppuccino.

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