NBA Finals Meets Memes

In the 2017 NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors clenched a victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers. After the finals, the internet exploded to celebrate the event. Memes began popping up all over social media sites and applications. Some referred to the Star Wars trilogy, Jeopardy, and photoshopped faces. While some of these were entertaining for the Warriors, others were devastating for the Cavaliers. There was talk about players’ careers being over and trips back to the bench for underperforming athletes. In comparison to previous NBA Finals, Twitter hosted an unusually large amount of memes. Coaches, players, and fans all traded banter that made history. On the trending bar, five out of the ten slots were dedicated to basketball memes. These hashtags resonated across the globe, and for hours after the finals concluded, the internet discussed the games. Photos of tears and joy made their way from platform to platform and were edited as more people saw them. The end result was an assortment of memes that made more or less sense depending on your knowledge as an NBA fan.


This sort of response to sporting events is becoming increasingly common. Before a few years ago, memes were reserved for online videos or pictures. Today, they are applicable in real life scenarios. Television stations and news networks are incorporating memes into their broadcasts, and judging by the public’s reception, this trend will continue. In particular, the NBA is well known for a slew of memes that pop up every season. Some experts believe that the fast paced nature and the connection between players and fans leads to this phenomenon. Observers are able to voice their opinions through lighthearted memes. In addition, memes are easily shared between friends, which means that a group of fans can share a laugh over the internet.


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