New Anchor’s Satirical Makeup Tutorials Go Viral

When Bob Herzog decided to use his downtime in the studio of WKRC-TV’s Good Morning Cincinnati to record silly makeup tutorials, he had no idea that they would catch on so quickly. As part of Herzog’s humorously named “Wake Up and Makeup!” series, he demonstrates to viewers how to properly apply foundation, concealer and other beauty products.

Herzog’s latest makeup tutorial has gained over 10,000 views on Twitter since it was posted on February 8. The Today Show even aired clips of the hilarious video on Friday. During the video, the hyperactive anchor shares hilarious beauty tips with his followers and regales viewers with jokes about Bob Ross. Declaring himself a “violent blender”, Herzog completes his new look by adding on bronzer and powder.

As a frequent performer at the Children’s Theater of Cincinatti, Herzog is no stranger to the complications of makeup. He has played some of the theater’s most fabulously costumed characters, from Captain Hook to the genie from Aladdin. Herzog’s humorous style has become something of a local institution since he became a reporter for WKRC-TV in 2005. A graduate of Northern Kentucky University, Herzog originally worked as an attorney, but found himself pulled into the world of broadcasting when he got a job at WSTR-TV in Cincinnati.

Herzog’s on-air antics have already earned him attention on social media. While he was serving as a traffic reporter for Good Morning Cincinnati, Herzog’s weekly “Dance Friday Party” videos went viral. Herzog dressed up as Elton John, performing a traffic-themed version of “Rocket Man”, and staged a parody version of “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus. In 2014, his humorous adaptation of “Let it Go” from Frozen warning commuters to stay at home during icy weather earned over 2.7 million views on YouTube.

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