New Residential Investment Corp Supports Low-Risk Investment in Real Estate Sector

Investing in the sector of real estate is one of the ancient forms of businesses, having been in the world since the inception of human civilization. Predating stock markets, mortgage investing is a five basic asset class that many investors have considered adding to their portfolios not only for the unique cash flow, but liquidity, and profitability.

New Residential Investment Corp is a United States-based company dealing with mortgage investment. Of late, it’s received tremendous attention from a significant price movement on the New York Stock Exchange, thereby increasing its shares to $18.56. As such, investors have enjoyed share price moments that have provided a better chance to enter into the stock market and purchase at a lower price.

New Residential Corp seeks to help investors to delve in the real estate investment sector through a focus on low-risk investment dockets. The company highly invests in residential assets, including excess mortgage servicing and mortgage-backed securities.

Formed as an affiliate of Newcastle Investment Corp, New Residential Corp has been managed as a separate publicly-traded company in 2013. The company is externally controlled by its parent company, Fortress Investment Group. New Residential Investment Corp was also published to leverage investment expertise and deliver significant returns to clients, to help them grow their dividends.

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