Nick Vertucci: Life and Accomplishments

Nick Vertucci is the founder of NV. He was born in a very poor background and it even became hard for him and his family after his father died when he was at a very young age and everything became a struggle in his life. He began a business where he started by selling computer accessories at the age of 18 years. The business failed soon after the investment bubble that took place in 2000. He was then forced to look for an alternative where he enrolled in a real estate academy which led him to venture into the real estate sector.

He, later on, decided to open Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy[ NVREA] which is a real estate business that had been named after him. His business was majored on buying OD single-family rentals, renovating them and later on selling them. The business grew and made better sales in the market by advertising it through his radio station, The Real Estate Investing Hours. This created a good image for him in the market to his investors.

His real estate business became a success due to his determination, passion, positivity, skills, knowledge and hard work and also creating a conducive environment for his staff and clients to understand each other and co-operate to do business comfortably.

Nick Vertucci challenges young entrepreneurs to be flexible and embrace change for nothing lasts forever. Comparing his earlier business of selling computer accessories and real estate business, he also advises the young entrepreneurs to be patient for they will experience ups and downs of business. They should learn the concept of spending less, saving less and investing more financially. He also motivates them by encouraging reading his book ‘Seven Figure Decisions’. A day in the life of Nick Vertucci is scheduled at the start of the week to make his week more productive. He says he sees each day newly, believes in it, and plans it before executing it.

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