Nick Vertucci’s Seven Figure Decisions Tells All About The Real Estate Industry

There are a lot of stories out there about millionaires who were able to make themselves out of nothing. While Nick Vertucci is one of these stories, he has done it twice after losing his fortune. He recently published a book about these experiences called Seven Figure Decisions.

Nick Vertucci is a pro when it comes to investing in real estate. He knows that it takes a lot of guts to make it big in any industry because you have to be willing to take a risk with whatever you do. When he lost his fortune, He knew that he wanted it back and had to get past his fears in order to do so.

Already, Seven Figure Decisions has already sold well over 1,000 copies. The book by Nick Vertucci is endorsed by Dean Cain, actor and producer. In addition, Kevin Harrington of “Shark Tank” wrote a forward for the business memoir of the millionaire real estate investor.

Nick Vertucci made his first millions in the tech industry. He lost these millions in the same industry as well. When he first got into the real estate industry, he admits that he made a lot of mistakes. It took him a long time to learn everything that he knows and being a student of real estate training helped him along the way.

When he began in the real estate industry, he had no real education and no capital to work with. Nick Vertucci was able to prove himself as a true entrepreneur by fighting back to make his fortune again. It took him around 10 years to really get to know the industry inside and out, but he’s made his millionaire status again. He went on to found the NVREA in order to educate students who want to make it in real estate.

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