Nicole Kidman’s awkward clapping goes viral

Nicole Kidman, like many other celebrities, attends many awards shows. The actress went to this years Oscars, as she has done for many years. She even clapped as the awards were given and announced. Celebrity watchers noticed something strange about how the actress put her hands together. Something did not just seem quite right about it.

This viral video trend may not be funny unless you have an odd sense of humor, but it certainly caused a media sensation. Everyone who saw the footage wanted to know why Kidman clapped the way she did at the Oscars. A number of theories were put forth, but the explanation was simple. The actress wore a ring that was too big for her and belonged to someone else. She adopted the awkward clapping technique to avoid damaging this piece of jewelry.

Anyone who has worn a piece of jewelry owned by someone else knows how valid Kidman’s concerns were. Even though gold and silver may seem solid to the wearer, it is easy to forget that they are soft metals that are easily damaged. The star wanted to make sure she gave the ring back to its owner in the same condition she received it. The fashion commentators, who frequently comment on what actors and actresses wear to the Oscars, may have missed the ring, but Kidman returned it safely.

There are certainly other viral video trends from 2017 that deserve commentary. Some are worthy of rewatching. Other trends are best forgotten. One video that falls into the second category is a viral video of a man sliding down an escalator and bruising his private parts. Slapstick comedy remains in high demand, although certainly none of the viral video stars are any of The Three Stooges.

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