Nina Vaca Believes that Giving Back Should Be a Core Business Principle

Pinnacle Group, a Dallas-based international staffing agency, recently provided 3,000 Holiday meals to families in North Texas in cooperation with the North Texas Food Bank and the H-E-B grocery chain.

Nina Vaca is chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group. She welcomed volunteers, including over 100 high school and college students, to the food bank operational headquarters in Plano.

Giving back is a core philosophy of Pinnacle Group under Vaca’s leadership. She called the remarkable success of her business “a blessing” and said that spreading the fruits of success should be a primary priority for all entrepreneurs. She added that the ability to feed “thousands of loving families” makes going to work every day worthwhile.

Vaca is a classic American success story. The daughter of Ecuadorian immigrants, Vaca established Pinnacle Group with just $300 at the age of 25. Her first experience in business was managing her father’s travel agency after his untimely death.

Today, Pinnacle Group is among the most innovative and groundbreaking firms of its kind. A staffing agency that fills critical positions for some of the largest companies, including jobs in the IT and high-tech sectors. Pinnacle Group has been called “the perfect business model” by industry observers.

Financial success has prompted Vaca to establish a philanthropic organization, the Nina Vaca Foundation, to implement a wide range of charitable projects on an ongoing basis. In addition to regularly providing free meals in cooperation with local and national food banks, the Nina Vaca Foundation has been a strong supporter of women in education, especially women of Latina heritage.

Vaca is keen on young women entering STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. Vaca believes that the future of women is integrally tied to jobs in the hard sciences. Pinnacle Group is a key provider of talent in this field.

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