Not just the people in Canada are known for their politeness.

In a video posted to Reddit recently, several Canadian deer taking a walk down the snowy streets are seen pausing briefly at a stop sign. The group of five were seen trotting up the road before stopping as they approached an intersection, the leader even appearing to look both ways before they continued crossing the street. After that, the video ends, the deer presumably following the street to wherever their destination may have been.

In only three days time, the video managed to accumulate 102 comments and earn over 1300 upvotes from community members of r/canada. Buzzfeed shared the video soon after, helping it to gain even more attention.

As amusing as this is, it’s far from unusual. Deer are fairly intelligent creatures with a knack for learning and adapting to humanity’s ever increasing presence into their habitat. This is not even the first time deer have been caught on camera obeying traffic laws, with one of the more prominent examples coming from Nara, Japan where deer roam the streets freely and even bow to people who approach them for treats and pets.

This video is simply a testament to just how smart deer can be. ‚ÄúThat deer is a better driver than most people,” one Redditor wrote praising the deer, referencing the lead deer’s seeming understanding of what a stop sign means. It’s hard to argue against it in all honesty, especially considering how often human drivers seem completely incapable of navigating in snowy weather conditions.

The current whereabouts of the deer are unknown, as is whether or not they intend to apply for a driver’s license.

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