NuoDB is Taking Cloud Computing to the Next Level

NuoDB is one of the hottest new cloud database technologies on the market today. The technology has made a name for itself through its elastic SQL design. NuoDB’s database is completely SQL compliant and works through a distributed object architecture. Where other databases would shard when scaling out, NuoDB runs faster.

This is made possible through distributing tasks among various processors. When this happens, there is no bottleneck of data, which in turn makes things faster. Along with this, there is peer-to-peer messaging that routes tasks to nodes and this aides in speeding up the distribution as well.

NuoDB was found in 2008 as NimbusDB in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 2011 the company changed their name to NuoDB and filed for a patent on the elastic database model. Since its founding the company has won several prestigious awards such as the Boston Business Journal’s Innovation All-Stars. Through its innovative technology and design, NuoDB has become a top player in the cloud computing world and it will be interesting to see the heights the company will reach in the upcoming years.

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