O2Pur: A Flavorful Investment

When it comes to investments, e-cigarettes can be a flavorful investment. That is true both in terms of the flavor of the physical product as well as the value of the company. This is an important thing to consider given the bright future for e-cigarettes.

In 2017, popular investment services company The Motley Fool described e-cigs as the future of the industry. In an article devoted to investing in e-cigarettes, The Motley Fool examined three of the leaders in the industry: British American Tobacco (BAT), Reynolds-American, and Philip Morris. One name that was not included in the article but is a company that is forging a path in the world of e-cigs is O2Pur.

There is a lot of overlap among some of the well-known names within the business. Reynolds-American has, since the publication of The Motley Fool article, been bought up by BAT. Meanwhile, Philip Morris International still maintains strong ties to its former parent company Altria–an early entrant into the e-cig market. O2Pur is different from these three in terms of its independence, which gives it greater flexibility.

What all of the companies have in common, though, is that they are in a market that is set to grow. Philip Morris is actively planning for a smoke-free future. That future is one where there will be a significant demand for e-cigarettes. O2Pur is ready to help meet that demand with its products.

E-cigarettes in general are convenient items. That is certainly true of the e-cigs that O2Pur produces. In addition to being convenient, the company’s products are noted for their good flavor and their reasonable price point.

While the company is not as big as some of the other names in the business, it is very definitely competitive even against the heavyweights in the industry. That is what makes it such a flavorful investment.

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