Olympian Chloe Kim steals America’s hearts

Meet a new Olympic social-media star: Chloe Kim.
The 17-year-old snowboarder won a gold medal for her efforts in the halfpipe. She is yet another in a long line of teen athletes to rule the Olympics for the United States. Aside from soon getting rich from endorsement deals, Kim showed she can have fun by becoming a Twitter darling during her performance.
She was active on Twitter while other snowboarders were competing, Forbes reported. She’ll long be remembered for her food tweets as much as her near-perfect score on a celebratory final run.
Kim tweeted about eating two churros while she was getting a case of nerves. She also noted how she “could be down for some ice cream.” Her third viral tweet mentioned how she didn’t finish breakfast and was feeling “hangry.”
She appeared on NBC’s “Today Show” the morning after her win. She was treated to a combination of breakfast sandwich, ice cream and churros. She noted the combination wasn’t altogether appealing.
Forbes noted how Kim’s life is going to change as the new face of the sport. Shaun White, who also won as a teenager, competed in what might have been his final Olympics this year. Kim is the future and at 17, she is in line to compete in at least three more Olympics should she want to dominate.
Social media has put Kim on the map even more. Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have allowed athletes to connect with rabid fanbases.
Kim rose from 15,000 Twitter followers to more than 230,000 after her antics, Forbes reported. These numbers will only grow and Kim can expect to have earnings in the millions in her early 20s, when major companies look to make her the fresh face of their products.
Kim is just getting started and the 2022 Olympics are ready for more social media gold.

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