OSI Group: A Leading Food Company

Little did Otto Kolschowsky know what his small meat market and butcher shop would become someday. He starts his family business just two weeks of arriving in the Untied States from Europe. He settled in Chicago, Illinois. He worked very hard on his business supplying quality meats to his community. Eventually, the company grew to the point of being able to start wholesaling. With more time, the company grew to the point Otto rebranded his family business. As the decades went by and success grew, his company was offered a deal by Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc made a handshake deal with the son of Otto for his restaurant. Franchising a business was new in the mid twentieth century but Ray Kroc saw a vision. With his vision, he turned the small, local meat market started by an immigrant into the hamburger mega house known today as McDonald’s.

When the OSI Group transformed the original McDonald’s supply chain, the large leading food company knew how to get the hamburger chain to the next level. Many retail businesses and restaurant chains utilize OSI’s strategic practices to transform their companies. The giant food supplier has the capabilities of scaling products and services on a global level for businesses. Having a large presence in supply chain of food, gives this company the ability to give companies affordable prices for quality products and services. The company strives to create the best operations to fulfill companies’ demands, they work to cut food preparation time and only offer food that has met safety standards. They make sure their food satisfies all taste palettes. They offer a large variety of food choices to their customers.

OSI Group has joint ventures with warehouses, farms, processing plants and poultry facilities. With the quality of work OSI Group consistently delivers, the company is surely going to become the top supplier of food globally to branded North American companies. The corporation also works with food business in Europe and throughout the entire world. Australia and Asia are markets the company works in as well.

Otto’s little meat shop has given way to a large supplier of food. OSI Group still remembers its humble beginnings. Just as their founder, the company prides itself on delivering quality and cost effective products as the recipe to their success.

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