OSI Group: In Pursuit of Greatness

When you think of great companies, there are an abundance of companies that will probably pop-up in your head. Have you ever heard of OSI Group? The chances of the average person that know about this company is rather slim, but this exclusive company has done some amazing things for society in general. OSI Group is a leader in custom-food production, and it has been at the top of the ranks for quite some time. Unlike other food providers, this company can handle other aspects of the business such as processing, management, sourcing and development. When you think about it, the entire gambit of operations is being covered.

The company is actually headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, but it has factories in numerous countries. This includes Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, Austria, Hungary, China and Japan. Being a top 100 company isn’t easy, but OSI makes it look easy thanks to its supreme knowledge of food services, and its highly efficient staff. There are over 20,000 staff members that work under this huge umbrella, and these staff members are spread-out across 17 countries. The numbers are staggering to some degree and OSI Group is always on the look-out for ambitious people. Being so large, the company has numerous positions that need to be filled. In most cases, in order to make money means that you’ll need to spend money. OSI Group is no different as it has spent a whopping $7.4 million on Tyson Foods’ plant in Chicago, Illinois.

This specific plant is actually located near OSI’s other plants in the area. By acquiring Tyson’s, OSI Group will surely strengthen its infrastructure. The company has also held onto 250 of the 450 former-employees. As you can see, OSI Group is dominating the game in the most ethical ways. Though it does a great job of expansion by acquiring other businesses, it does its best to retain jobs, which keeps people employed.

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